Saturday 18 July 2009

Le Fontainebleau

After our Irish pit-stop we drove south to Rosslare for the overnight ferry to Cherbourg. A few hours drive on from there saw us in the Fontainebleau area.

Fontainebleau is situated in beautiful pine forests and is steeped in history. Not that we were paticularly interested in that. We were there for the climbing. The forest covers 1200 km2 and is scattered wth thousands of sandstone boulders covered with problems ranging from wobbly slabs to steep overhangs and is a mecca for boulderers. The problems are classed under different colours depending on difficulty and its a good place to get strong.

We were there about a week in total. Met some hippie impersonators living in a homemade teepee next door to us on the campsite. Apparently making a teepee is what boulderers do when they can't climb.... (Hope you made it home safely guys!)

We hit the boulders most days and by the end of the week our poor little arms were hanging off us but all considered we had a great time.

There was some great french wine consumed at about 3 euros a bottle, smelly cheese and baguettes, bbqs with the next door neighbours and a few splashes in the campsite pool. I even found some of the Lu biscuits we used to buy on family camping holidays. Yum!

We really were wrecked by the end of the week so didn't mind the propect of heading to the pancake flat Netherlands to visit some friends. At least there's no temptations there!


Kate said...

oh my word!
how i loved those biscuits
they were mother's bribe of choice for me
mmmmmm mmmmmmm

Zubin said...

Jess and Dunk! you made it to the continent. Fantastic. I just got through all your blogs. Terrific writing. I really feel like I'm reading about your adventures while riding home on a shuttle from work. I'm depressed now but happy for you both.